Rye Wholegrain Sourdough BIO

Rye Wholegrain Sourdough BIO

Ready-made rye sourdough for direct use for the production of rye-wheat and wheat-rye bread in BIO quality.


  • It contains 60% wholemeal rye flour in organic quality, which has a higher fiber content than regular flours.
  • The production of kvass is carried out by traditional slow fermentation.
  • The long shelf life of the yeast (6 months) is achieved in a natural way.
  • Easy, operative and flexible production of sourdough pastry in BIO quality at any time.
  • Sourdough gives the finished product a rich taste, aroma and prolonged freshness, naturally prevents mold and threadiness of baked goods, contributes to their easier digestibility and meets current customer requirements for a healthy diet.


 5-20 % on flour weight


 7.5 kg (plastic bucket with a lid)

   Shelf life: 

9 months from the date of manufacture in the original sealed packaging