Baking center

Baking Center™

Baking Center™ – the broadest network of baking centres.

We are proud to be the first in the world to introduce the concept of presentation and training centres for bakers.

With 44 bakery centres on five continents, Lesaffre can now offer technological advice and expertise to all its bakery customers.

Baking Centers™ work on the basis of collaboration and sharing experience. Their motto is “Baker to baker”.

Baking Center™ in the Czech Republic

For the needs of our customers we have two Baking Centers™ in the Czech Republic:

  • in Olomouc
  • in Stará Boleslav

Our Baking CentersTM are open to all our business partners for training courses, workshops and customer events.

Our offer

In close collaboration with customers, the engineers and technologists in our Baking Centers™ focus on training, technical assistance and customized solutions that are always tailored to the customer’s requirements.

We also test our products at our bakery centres to develop solutions for all kinds of bakery products and manufacturing processes.