Dosing device

Dosing device

Automated dosing of raw materials

Some raw materials need to be stored or dosed in a special way. Our team of technicians has already built dozens of raw material dosing facilities not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other European countries and on other continents around the world.

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Team of technical experts

We build our devices directly on the customer’s site. In our team we have designers, electricians, welders…

We specialize in the dosing of liquid raw materials, not only yeast, but also improvers, liquid sourdoughs and other ingredients used in bakery recipes.

We will simplify your work

The automated dosing of baking ingredients brings many benefits for bakers:

  • minimizing the production errors caused by human factors
  • optimization of production processes
  • cutting down the production costs
  • service and post-warranty service for devices installed by our technical team