Czech producer of sourdoughs, premixes and improvers

Kontinua was founded in 1991, but its history dates back to 1915, when the original company – the J.M. Kašpar food and confectionery factory – was founded Kontinua gained a reputation among its customers for its excellent knowledge of bread and sourdough technologies.

Lesaffre Česko acquired Kontinua in 2016. We follow in the tradition of a well-established local manufacturer who has extensive experience of the production and development of sourdoughs, premixes and improvers. We are investing in the development of production in the Stará Boleslav plant and are constantly upgrading it to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Bake with us!

Under the Kontinua brand name, we continue to offer a wide range of sourdoughts, bakery premixes and improvers for savoury and sweet pastries.

In our product range, we also have an additive-free series called Kontinua Natura, which marks products that contain no chemical additives. This series includes, for example, Wholemeal Rye Sourdough, Vitamineral Mix, Wild Garlic Premix or the Tmavex improver.

In 2018, we became a certified organic producer and the Kontinua Bio brand offers Wholemeal Rye Sourdough and Formstabil improver in bio quality, both of which are suitable for the improver of organic bread and pastry.