Customized products

Customized products

Do you need a special product…?

Customer-tailored baking ingredients are always a challenge for us. Sometimes it goes smoothly, sometimes it is drudgery, but the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of our team consisting of different food professions almost always lead to success. Our development colleagues abroad can also provide you with a background.

Many of our customers are already using individual improvers, premixes or other raw materials from Lesaffre. Let’s join them!

Do you have a specific requirement…?

Do you need a special sourdough that you were not able to find in our product range? Do you want to offer your customers a bakery product with a certain health benefit? Do you receive enquiries from retail chains for tailor-made pastries? Do you wish to introduce a product that would meet your needs exactly?

Come to us and bring your requests with you!

Contact us!

Please refer your requirements for customized products to our sales team. They will gladly accept them and will try to find out all the necessary information from you so that hand in hand we can look for the path to what you need.

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