Technical support

Technical support

We are at your disposal.

Our team consists of experts who are not only good businessmen but also experienced bakers with many years of experience.

Our bakery technologists will come to your site on call and for free. They will come, demonstrate and advise on the spot. Their network ensures wide availability to any customer.

Just call and check it out! See contacts here.

We will find a solution for you

Whether you are a craft bakery or an industrial one, we adapt the production parameters to your needs, select the right raw materials, formulate the recipe, test it in our Baking Center™ and then carry out trial operation and final implementation at your site.

We search for solutions that work. Refer your problems to us and we will help you!

Baker to Baker

We have the background of a large baker’s family. Lesaffre technology engineers have experience gained during their missions in various parts of the world. They can bake French croissants or baguettes, Turkish somun, Italian pizza, Jewish bagels, and Chinese mantou as well as Czech bread. We can also rely on them in the field of technological advice.