Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible behaviour

Corporate Social Responsibility is the voluntary integration of social and environmental considerations into everyday business operations.

We also identify ourselves with CSR. Our strategy is to be a socially responsible company that looks after its employees’ satisfaction, cares about the environment and contributes to selected charity projects.

We look after our employees

Our employees are the greatest asset of our company. We try to make them happy to be working for our company. We respect labour standards and human rights.

We provide our employees with:

  • 25 days of holidays
  • meal vouchers and vouchers for sports and culture
  • vaccination allowance
  • sick days
  • 1 Charity Day
  • contribution to pension scheme
  • flexible working hours
  • home office

We help children in foster families

Since 2015, we have supported the non-profit organization Náruč dětem (Kids embraced), which cares for children in foster families and provides help and advice to foster parents. Every year we organize a Christmas stall called “A Good Place for Life”, where we sell Christmas cakes, yeast spread and punch. The money gained from the sales of these is contributed to the organization to finance its activities.

We also contribute to other charitable projects that we find meaningful and suitable for our support.

We protect the environment

Within Lesaffre Czech Republic, we focus on environmental protection in two basic areas:

  • energy

Through modern technologies, we reduce our energy consumption, implement heat insulation on our buildings and use energy-saving appliances in all our workplaces.

  • waste

We separate the waste we produce in offices and in manufacturing, as well as recycling and reducing waste.

Lesaffre CSR Awards

Every year, the Lesaffre Group organizes a competition in which individual branches can present their CSR projects and inspire colleagues from other countries to pursue diverse and interesting socially responsible activities.

Lesaffre CSR Awards, categories:

  • charity and social assistance
  • environmental protection
  • occupational health and safety
  • innovation
  • inspiring project