BIO Rye Wholegrain Sourdough

BIO Rye Wholegrain Sourdough

LIVENDO Rye Wholegrain Sourdough Bio is a devitalized paste sourdough in bio/organic quality based on a unique starting culture. Unique starting culture gives the finished products the aromatic properties specific to the production of sourdough bread. It can satisfy all consumers who prefer products that are friendly to nature and human health.

The sourdough is produced by a traditional slow fermentation process. This ensures the specific properties of sourdough bread – typical aromatic structure, acidity and taste.

89 % of the flour in the sourdough is rye wholegrain flour, i . e. with higher fiber content compared to fine flours. The flour used for its production is from organic agriculture, certified by the certification authority in the Czech Republic. Long shelf life of the sourdough (9 months) is reached naturally without any preservatives

It can be used to produce various types of bread: rye bread, baguettes, sandwich bread, kaiser buns and sweet focaccia.

  • In bio/organic quality
  • Practical, ready to use, in paste consistency
  • It can be put together with other ingredients in a mixer
  • Suitable for flexible and easy production of bio/organic sourdough bread at any time
  • Rich taste and aroma typical for sourdough bread
  • Natural preservation of bakery products against moulds and rope disease
  • Long shelf life of final products

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   Dosage: 4 – 18 % on flour weight

  Packaging: 7,5 kg (plastic bucket with a lid)

   Shelf life: 9 months from the date of manufacture if storage conditions are maintained